Madhumita Sabui (28yrs), living in a village in Hooghly. She got married at 16 just completing her eighth standard. Her husband is a small farmer and when her son Ayushman was 6 yrs she   understood that without financial upliftment, it is quite impossible for her children to grow up in a modest manner. She wants to buy a sewing machine as she knew tailoring. One time investment was hard for her. She knew from her neighbor that SUWS provide loan if she join SHG. With her first loan she bought the machine. Her repayment was on time and her business grows well.   With the help of 2nd loan she purchased an E- rickshaw for her husband. Presently they have a concrete house, a 2-pit latrine and Ayushman is studying in class II. She had a dream that one day her son will be a graduate.