Water Sanitation

SUWS work with not only with the poor communities but also with the people living in distress condition and address barriers to Water Sanitation & Hygiene at various levels including discrimination, infrastructure, geography, education and awareness.

SUWS care about improving access to WASH for vulnerable and marginalized communities.

In each of our programme areas, we have integrated WASH into other health and livelihood activities. For instance, we designed a WASH intervention embedded into the integrated water resources management in Tsunami affected communities, worked with rural communities on water security and improved WASH facilities in schools and factories in Madhya Pradesh.

We innovate on solutions that are locally appropriate and cost-effective.

We help the community to develop emergency WASH response for disaster-affected communities, set up community water plants in partnership with local governments and community contribution and also set up systems for waste segregation and wastewater management.

Community Mobilization.

Periodical awareness campaign has ensured to provide clean and safe drinking water to more than 5000 households in 20 villages and 50 schools. WASH for all campaign motivates