Sandhya Nath

ln the year 2007, Sandhya Nath an enthusiastic young married woman came to Kholapota branch of SUWS with her dream of creating a small motor garage. She started her motor garage in a very simple manner with few small and common equipments with the help of our
smallfinance of Rs.15000/-.With the full co-operation of her husband and son, her business volume is increasing. Now they are looking forward and proceeding for a brighter future. Besides,among her family members, another two persons are engaged in their garage as motor mechanic. Honesty and sincerity of the unit workers has made the garage very
popular one in their locality.

Name: Sandhya Nath

Address : Gopalpur, North 24 Parganas Branch : Kholapota, North 24 Parganas Group:Ganga