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A society with smiling people having no discrimination in gender, caste and qualification with sense of equality and a country with economic independence and social dignity.


Our mission is to strengthen the socio-economic condition by empowering the downtrodden and disadvantaged people through a platform based on financial and other supports.


  • To organize, guide and help the people in general and the members in particulars for activities in the field of economic life.
  • To uplift the economic and cultural standard of the people in general and the members in particulars through introduction and institutional of various schemes of economic activities i.e. agriculture, cottage industry, diary, marketing, agro-service centre, ware house , irrigation etc either directly or indirectly  in collaboration  with others social welfare activities  like education, health, hygiene, housing, communication etc. 
  • To help and develop the productive creative and constructive facilities and activities in all those above mentioned aspect of life of the people.
  • To provide Social, Educational and Economic Empowerment to Women and Children.
  • To safeguard the rights of the Child and provide for the well being of Children in need, more particularly- a) children exposed to any form of abuse, b) children deprived of education, c) children suffering from physical and mental health.
  • To work for righting out poverty, hunter in action indolence, inequalities and discriminations, expectations, Executions mainly through the constructive economic measures and on their ways undertake in other spheres of activities of the society.
  • To co-operate and collaborate with international and national agencies, institutions working with the same object to help other institutions, groups or individuals for any similar objectives in ways as the society would think necessary and the society may undertake joining enterprise with any of them.
  • To establish working institutions, model centers, training and centre grain goals, extension works, cultural &  economic group etc.
  • To help to promote cottage and home industries such as tailoring shop, marketing, black smithy, paper-marketing, poultry, embroidery, dairy farming, doll-making, tail making, brick field and work like nature.
  • To provide facilities to its members to secure al sorts of raw materials such as cotton, silk, art ilk, rayon, wool, yard, chemicals and dye-staff, accessories, for consumption in their factories.
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